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/ La Tierra Blanca


“Here she succeeds connecting flamenco with Nordic music traditions and modern soundscapes of Oulu. That sounds more logical than it seems at first glance.” ★★★★
Concerto Magazine 2023

Finland and Spain are thousands of miles apart. But the heart knows no distances:

Flamenco in the far north, Anna Murtola — When it comes to music and not geographical origin. ★★★★ ½ 2023

“Unconventional and Fascinating Nordic Flamenco by Anna Murtola”
Angel Romero for World Music Central 2023

/ Fuego Por Dentro

“Murtola’s debut is statement to the universal power of flamenco and its potential to flourish in unexpected contexts.”
Songlines Magazine 2018

”Fuego Por Dentro is a startling union between Northern and Southern European music traditions — Murtola’s debut is succesful and preconception crushing — ★★★★★”
Keskisuomalainen 2018


”The concert was such an overall art experience that I would have liked to stay in the hall. You wanted to hold on to the moment. Thank you lovely Anna and the wonderful musicians. The art of presence, music for the ears and for the soul! Thank you also JP Manninen. Different parts of the performance were in dialogue with each other: They chattered and flowed together. Ice, water, bridges, young pine trees, clanging of birch logs and flowers of bird cherry trees.” – Eeva Kauppinen, culture critic, Oulu, Finland 2023


“With a voice that weeps and smiles and radiates, she enthralled us all.”
Flamenco Blog Sol y Sombra 2018


“This kind of artists do not come out of nowhere. In their art there is a depth and finely mysterious and new cultural view, brought by digging into their subject over a long time as well as personally experiencing it.”
Newspaper Kaleva 2018


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