“– she succeeds connecting flamenco with Nordic music traditions and modern soundscapes of Oulu.
That sounds more logical than it seems at first glance.”
Concerto Magazine (AU)

”The album of Anna Murtola, the northernmost flamenco singer in the world, La Tierra Blanca is one of the finest records of the beginning of the year 
Murtola’s compositions are versatile and the listening experience forms a wonderful arc.”
Kansanmusiikki-lehti (FI)

”Finland and Spain are thousands of miles apart. But the heart knows no distances:
Flamenco in the far north, Anna Murtola.
★★★★ ½ 

The album is fierce, sensitive, crisp, fiery, ice clear, humanly warm, full of emotion and stories that draw from Murtola’s own world of experiences and roots.”
Amanda Kauranne, YLE Radio (FI)

”Fuego Por Dentro is a startling union between Northern and Southern European music traditions -Murtola’s debut is succesful and preconception crushing”

Keski-Suomalainen / Savon Sanomat (FI)

Flamenco Singer

Anna Murtola, born in 1983 in Oulu, North of Finland is the world’s northernmost flamenco singer. Considered as one of the pioneers of Finnish flamenco singing, the singer has found her own strong voice as an interpreter of this passionate Spanish tradition. Murtola is also known as a versatile and charismatic performer who is constantly reaching out across genre and culture borders. In 2018 Murtola’s debut album Fuego Por Dentro was released by Finnish recod label Alba Records and was the first album by a Finnish flamenco singer.

Second album La Tierra Blanca was released by the award-winning German record label Nordic Notes in 2023. The album is longlisted for the German Record Critic’s Choice Award 2023 in the category of World Music.

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La Tierra Blanca out 3/2/23!

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